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Eid ul Fitr Announcement

Lehigh Valley Masajids comprising of Al-Maqasid, EPMA, IECPA, IQRA Institute, Khair Community Center, MALV, and Respect Graduate School will celebrate Eid on Wednesday April 10th, 2024.

Salutations and peace be upon the beloved of Allah who said: “Fasting is the day you [all] fast, and Fiṭr is the day you [all] break fast, and Aḍḥā is the day you [all] make your sacrificial slaughter.” (al-Bukhārī & Muslim)

Considering this Prophetic directive, the scholars of Islam have recognized that fasting and breaking fast in unity was an intended objective of our divinely revealed Shari’ah. For this reason, they have often given precedence to this aim over their personal fiqhi (juristic) convictions regarding the considerations for determining the start of the lunar month - be it moon sighting or astronomical calculations, whether locally or globally. They have understood from the above-mentioned Hadith that if the majority of the Muslim community have begun to fast or observe Eid, then the remaining should unite with them and do the same.


We are committed to following:

  • A North and South American moon sighting as far west as Pacific Time Zone will be upheld.

  • Any official announcement of Ramadan and Eid from a recognized moonsighting committee.

  • Its reliability and confirmation will be determined and conveyed by the religious leadership of the masajid and centers who participate in this agreement.

  • Announcements will be delayed an hour past the moon sighting time in the Pacific coast in case there is some ambiguity that needs to be cleared. Only in such a case, an “objection” will be posted by that time in the committee communication group. The imams may need to be on a call to discuss / vote among themselves to ensure a unified verdict is communicated to the LV before midnight.

Spirit of Cooperation

In conclusion, we consider the openness of the religious leadership, administrations, and community of the Lehigh Valley to a joint Eid to be an immense blessing from Allah. All sides have demonstrated principled compromise in formulating a methodology that will best serve the entire community, the fruit of which we hope will be experienced by all. We also are optimistic that the successful implementation of this matter will set a beautiful standard that will hopefully be followed by the greater Muslim community.

Supporting Centers


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